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1200 Prosecutions From Dash Cams Last Year

Data from The National Dash Cam Safety Portal (NDCP) has shown that in the last year evidence from dash cams have led to 1200 prosecutions against motorists.

Further calculations have been made which show NDCP has saved the police around 68,474 hours of collating evidence for dangerous driving charges. The figure also equates to seven years of solid work for a single officer, without a day off.

However, privacy campaigners have stated how these type of prosecutions breeds a culture of suspicion and mistrust with drivers spying on each other.

Before NDCP, each clip of dash cam footage took the police 14 hours to be processed, assessed, witness statements taken and paperwork completed. However, in 2016, North Wales Police discovered dash cam footage could be treated as video from speed cameras and be the sole evidence in prosecuting drivers.

22 police forces now use NDCP.

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