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4 Speeders caught Every Minute Figures Reveal

Research just published by the RAC has shown how 4 speeding drivers are caught every minute on Britain’s roads.

The research showed how drivers were 160 times more like to be caught speeding in some parts of the UK compared to others.

For example, Avon & Somerset Police recorded over 200,000 speeders in 2017/18, compared with their colleagues in neighbouring Wiltshire who recorded just 1,191.

The remaining police forces in the top 5, after Avon & Somerset, were; West Yorkshire, Metropolitan Police, Thames Valley and Greater Manchester.

The research was conducted by Dr Adam Snow of Liverpool John Moores University and found that speeding offences had risen by 4% when compared with the previous year; an astronomical 2,292,536 recorded speeders or 4 drivers caught every minute. Just imagine the fines income from that.

RAC Foundation director Steve Gooding said factors such as geographical area, road type and traffic volume explain some of the different figures recorded by forces, but “a lot of it will come down to the local policing priorities”.

He said: “It is the job of police and crime commissioners, and chief constables, to target resources appropriately, recognising the issues of greatest local concern.

“Changes and variations in the numbers of offences detected will reflect not just driver behaviour but also the extent of enforcement activity in any one year.

“Drivers tempted to flout the law should recognise that any targeted crackdown on speeding to curtail risky behaviour could swiftly be repeated if those reckless attitudes start to re-emerge.”

Here are the top 5 police force areas and the number of speeding drivers caught in 2017/18:

1. Avon and Somerset 199,337
2. West Yorkshire 174,796
3. Metropolitan Police (including City of London) 139,318
4. Thames Valley 131,401
5. Greater Manchester 101,421

In contrast, here are the lowest areas:

1. Wiltshire 1,191
2. Durham 8,802
3. Derbyshire 10,480
4. Cleveland 11,308
5. Kent 18,878

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