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400 Essex Drivers Given Points For Fleeing The Scene Of A Crash

Figures published, following and Freedom of Information Request, have shown how over 400 drivers from Essex have received points for “hit and runs” over the past 5 years.

Since 2014, there were 430 drivers endorsed for the offence in our area. There were 14 cases in 2014, 107 in 2015, 138 in 2016, 114 in 2017 and 57 in 2018.

UK driving licences may be endorsed by court order if the driver has been convicted of an offence.

The law says that every driver that is involved in an accident must stop and provide their details.

For the crime of failing to stop after an accident , a driver can given between five and ten penalty points, and the endorsement must remain on a driving licence for a period of four years.

If a motorist obtains more than 12 points on their driving licence within a period of three years they will receive a driving ban.

Since 2014, 20,065 motorists have been given points for hit-and-run collisions across Britain.

The figure fell from 5,363 drivers in 2017 to 2,946 in 2018.

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy for the AA, says: “No one wants to be involved in a traffic collision, but the experience can be made all the worse should the other person involved drive off.

“Drivers who ‘crash and dash’ tend to have something to hide. It may be that they have no insurance, were using their mobile phone behind the wheel or were under the influence of alcohol.

“The sharp decrease may be due to concerted efforts to tackle those driving without insurance or road tax.

“There may also be a stronger realisation that it’s better to stay and exchange details as, inevitably, the long arm of the law catches up with them in the end.”