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Ban For Drink Driving Shopkeeper Who Blocked Route Into York

A 30-year-old shopkeeper who destroyed two traffic lights in a drink driving accident, blocking a major route into central York, has been banned from the roads.

Prosecuting, Melanie Ibbotson told York magistrates that Zak Richie Collins was two-and-a-half times the legal drink drive limit.

Collins told police following his arrest that he remembered nothing between buying a drink in the second pub he visited, and his airbags activating during the accident on Hull Road.

Andrew Craven, representing Collins, told the court that an animal had run out in front of his client as he was driving home, forcing him to swerve to avoid it and hit the traffic lights as a result.

Ms Ibbotson told the court that the accident occurred just before 3am on January 13, leading to the closure of Hull Road for part of the morning rush hour, causing severe disruption, adding that the traffic lights were “substantially damaged” in the crash, with bits strewn down the road in addition to a post and other street furniture being damaged.

The defendant’s Range Rover was so damaged that attending police feared the driver had been injured, although he was not. A roadside breath test showed Collins to have 87mcg alcohol per 100ml breath. The legal drink driving limit is 35mcg.

Collins said that he had consumed four pints while visiting one pub with friends, and then bought another drink in a second pub.

His Range Rover was written off, and the ban will impact him severely as he owns two shops, either side of York, and uses his vehicle to stock them, as well as weekly visits to a relative in Manchester.

After pleading guilty to drink driving, Magistrates fined Collins £240 in addition to the ban, plus £85 costs and a statutory surcharge of £32.

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