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Calls for Complete Ban On Mobile Phones For Drivers

A group of MPs are calling for a complete ban on mobile phones for anyone driving a vehicle. Their argument is formed on the basis of current laws being misleading by giving the impression “hands-free” operation is safe.

The Commons Transport Select Committee has reported talking through a hands-free device can create the same risks of having a collision.

On expert told the committee how talking on a hands-free device whilst driving can be a distracting as drink driving.

It was reported a public consultation on the proposal will be published at the end of 2019.

Joshua Harris, of road safety charity Brake, said research showed using a hands-free phone “can impair a driver in the same way as a hand-held device and so it makes sense that the law treats these acts equally.

“One moment’s distraction from a phone can cause a lifetime of suffering so our advice to drivers is simple – when you’re driving, make sure your phone is on silent and placed out of sight and out of reach.”

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