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Calls For Seatbelt Laws To Be Enforced

Reports are in of fresh calls for seatbelt laws in England and Wales to be enforced with penalty points for non wearers.

Only a few of us remember the times when wearing a seatbelt was not a legal requirement of driving. In fact I remember driving in my mum’s car as a child, where there were seatbelts even fitted in the back.

Currently, the penalty for not wearing a seatbelt is a £100 fine, which can increase to £500 should the matter go to court.

When you think about how important wearing a seatbelt is, and how many lives they save, wearing one should be like second nature too us. Hands up who remembers the “Clunk Click Every Trip” campaign.

Direct Line and the Parliamentary Advisory Council For Transport Safety (“PACTS”) are now calling for Great Britain to adopt the same rules as in Northern Ireland and have those drivers not wearing a seatbelt face 3 points on there driving licence.

A poll undertaken by Direct Line showed how 70% of this interviewed would back new seatbelt wearing laws. However, 30% stated that 3 points were not enough and offending drivers should face 6 points, the same as for using amoebae phone behind the wheel.

Road Safety Minister Jesse Norman said he welcomed the research by insurance firm Direct Line, adding that the Government is “actively looking at whether to introduce penalty points”.

Gus Park, managing director of motor insurance at Direct Line, described the introduction of mandatory seat belt wearing 36 years ago as “one of the most effective road safety measures in the history of motoring”.

He went on: “It may not prevent collisions, but it can and does prevent death and serious injury.”

AA president Edmund King said: “It is surprising that drivers haven’t learnt lessons from the most high-profile and tragic car crash case of all-time, where Princess Diana, Dodi Fayad and driver Henri Paul all died without wearing seat belts.

“Bigger fines and penalty points for not wearing seat belts should be introduced as soon as possible to persuade drivers of the importance of belting up.”

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