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Care Assistant Loses “Dream Job” After Being Caught Drink Driving

A woman has been disqualified for drink driving after going out with friends to celebrate a new “dream job”.

Celebrating her last shift with colleagues, the 22-year-old decided to drive the 500 yards to her home while twice the legal limit, but just 200 yards into the journey she crashed her Audi into a parked car.

In March 2016, the care assistant received a 17-month ban for the same offence.

Charlotte Crane told Burnley Magistrates Court: “He [the owner of the parked car] went outside and was approached by [the defendant] who initially claimed that she needed assistance because her friends had run off.

“He called the police and they arrived. She then changed her story and accepted driving the Audi and made comments that she had been to a leaving do, had been done for drink driving before and apologised for her behaviour.”

On being breathalysed she blew a result of 78mcg alcohol per 100ml breath. The legal drink driving limit is 35mcg.

Mitigating for the woman, Daniel Frazer said: “What started out to be a happy occasion turned out to be an unmitigated disaster and unfortunately [my client] has nobody but herself to blame.

“She was, that evening, finishing her last shift as a care assistant. She had just got what she described as her dream job caring for young children in the community.

“She was asked by a few friends to go on an impromptu farewell. She went out and had a few drinks and that’s where the story starts to go south for [her].

“She is exceedingly remorseful. She knows she is going to be disqualified and the dream job required a driving licence so that’s now gone.”

After pleading guilty to drink driving, Magistrates banned her from the roads for 40 months, which may be reduced by 40 weeks on completion of the drink driving rehabilitation course. The court also imposed fines and costs totalling £299.

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