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Celebrities Love This Speeding Legal Loophole

We often read in the press how celebrities and professional sports people seem to get away with speeding offence and other road traffic issues, but how do they do it? Is it a case there is one law for the rich and another for the rest of us?

Well, not matter how galling it may seem, common sense tells you that just can’t be the case. No matter how big the bank balance how powerful the role or how much celebrity is involved, the law is the same for everyone.

The difference is when they are facing charges, or have a win at court, they make the headlines. The papers aren’t that interested in plain old Dick and Jane.

So how do the celebrities avoid speeding fines and other such driving matters. In many cases the answer lies in the detail of the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP).

Should a driver be fingered for a speeding offence, the first they will officially hear of is when the NIP lands on their doormat. The NIP is addressed to the registered keeper of the offending vehicle and the identity of the driver needs to be confirmed. Failing to do this can end up with 6 penalty points and a £100 fine.

Now then, under the Road Traffic Act 1988, the NIP has to be delivered to the registered keeping within 14 days from the date of the speeding offence taking place. If the NIP should arrive after the 14 days you can send it back to the process office and reject it as being out of time.

Now, that all sounds very simple, however, there are still some delicacies and legal skills regarding these types of case. Although the law is the same for everyone, there is a reason why celebrities still contact a road traffic solicitor and that is because they know exactly how the administration and court system works. Many motorists can think they have their case nailed on but when they get to court, the wheels can quickly fall off if they have not followed the proper procedure or have a clear knowledge of the statute and case law surrounding the offence.

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