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Chester Teacher Caught At Twice Legal Drink Driving Limit

A 25-year-old woman who teaches at a Chester college has been banned from the roads for almost two years after she was caught drink driving.

The woman, from Mold, was hoping to extend her contract to full-time at Cheshire College South and West where she currently teaches media part-time.

Given the nature of her work and her conviction, her job may now be at risk, said Mike Pugh, speaking in the woman’s defence.

He continued by explaining that his client suffered from anxiety and depression. Her partner, also employed by the college, outlined her battle with mental illness to the court further.

Justin Espie, prosecuting, told the court how just after midnight on October 17 police indicated for the defendant to pull over by switching on their emergency lights. The woman attempted to park three times, stalled twice, and finally came to a halt on an angle.

On first addressing the police officers she said: “I know I am going to be over.”

Said Mr Espie: “It is as early a guilty indication as you are ever going to get”.

Mr Pugh told the court that his client had no previous convictions and was taking medication for her depression and anxiety however that day had been “a bit of a down day”.

He said that his client had consumed alcohol at home before driving a short distance to a local garage, and Probation Officer Andrew Connah continued to explain that she had in fact gone to get some cigarettes.

He said that she was genuinely remorseful and had good insight into the potential ramifications of her drink driving and had now stopped drinking entirely.

Mr Pugh also highlighted the fact that the defendant was not pulled over due to her manner of driving, rather that her lights were not switched on.

“She is extremely embarrassed to be before the court and is remorseful,” he said.

Mr Connah also told the court that the defendant’s grandmother had recently passed away and that she had been very much like a mother to her. Living in her house, it had a significant impact on her mental health.

He went on to say that the woman had two degrees and suffered from mental health issues since she was a child. She had undertaken various therapies to address them and the college was very supportive of her. She was also very active in the community and in charge of certain charity works including the distribution of fruit to Chester’s homeless.

At the time of her drink driving she felt had not been coping very well and it coincided with a break in her counselling.

Magistrates banned the woman from driving for 22 months as well as fining her £365 and ordering her to pay £85 costs and a £36 surcharge.

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