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Data Shows Drivers Don’t care About Using A Phone Behind The Wheel, Says RAC

The latest study of driving habits undertaken by the RAC has shown 25% of drivers admit making and receiving calls on their mobile phone when behind the wheel.

This worrying data also shows how 17% of drivers also admit to using their phones to check texts, emails and social media updates whilst driving.

Sadly, but predictably it is young drivers who are the biggest culprits.

If this data was not bad enough, anecdotal evidence suggests the figures are in fact much higher.

In 2017, the government introduced tougher sentencing for those drivers caught using their phones behind the wheel. The penalty increased to 6 penalty points and a £200 fine if convicted.

The use of phones whilst driving is a significant problem on today’s roads. Many experts have cited how using a mobile device causes the same level of impairment when compared with a driver who had been drinking.

Also, at the time when the new sentencing powers were brought in, there had been a spate of high profile road deaths and accident caused by drivers distracted through technology.

The government and police continue to try and find new ways to discourage mobile phone use behind the wheel, however, many suggested automated solutions have been thwarted when differentiating between a drivers phone and a passengers phone has been too difficult.

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