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Driver Banned With Evidence They Posted On Their Own Facebook Page

A driver has been banned from driving following video evidence of them filming a young boy dancing on the front seat in a moving car. And the only reason the driver got caught was that she posted the video on her own Facebook page.

The video was spotted on Facebook and some viewers made complaints to the police over what they saw.

During the thirty second clip, the driver can be heard laughing, singing along and shouting “show us your moves”, all from the driving seat whilst the car is moving.

When the police finally tracked her down, she initially refused to answer any questions about the incident and pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving. However, on the day of trial, she changed her plea to one of guilty.

She was sentenced to six months custody, suspended for 12 months and banned from driving for a year. She was also ordered to undertake twenty hours of unpaid work and pay £115 as a victim surcharge.

The court heard how the boy was not sitting on a child seat and although he was wearing an adult eaglet, it was only around his waist.

In sentencing, the Judge said: “Anything could have happened whilst your attention was away from the road. He could have gone through the windscreen, so could you.”

The court also heard how the driver had three previous drink driving-related convictions, one for careless driving and one for failing to stop after an accident.

Following sentencing, Road Policing Officer Mark Patterson, from North Yorkshire Police, labelled White’s driving “highly irresponsible and incredibly dangerous”.

He said: “As the footage clearly shows, Miss White’s driving that day was highly irresponsible and incredibly dangerous and it’s only through sheer luck she wasn’t involved in a serious collision.

“Her blatant disregard for the safety of the child and traffic laws could have ended tragically and the consequences of her actions had she of lost control of her vehicle doesn’t bear thinking about.

“I’d like to thank the member of the public who reported this incident to us and I hope this message sends a clear message that this type of reckless behaviour will not be tolerated on our roads.”

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