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Drivers Could Face A Fines Increase As Councils Handed More Powers

MPs have stated how more drivers could be caught and fines if local councils were given more powers, it has been reported.

A recent report by the Transport Committee has highlighted the issues caused by police cuts when it comes to enforcing traffic laws, and their solution is to share enforcement powers with local councils as soon as possible.

This will see more councils following the leads of London and Cardiff where they have been enforcing “moving traffic” offences, such as blocking a box junction.

Although the RAC welcomes the enforcement of traffic laws, it also seems a little cautious of councils using these new powers inconsistently and inappropriately.

The ability for councils to use these powers are nothing new. The Transport Management Act 2004 gave local councils the ability to “police” and enforce and parking, bus lane violations and moving traffic offences.

In London, motorists are fined £130 for blocking a box junction. At one particular box junction some 16,707 enforcement tickets were issued between April 2017 and April 2018. That comes to £2,171,910 from one box junction alone.

Simon Williams, RAC spokesperson, said box junctions are a particularly divisive issue for many drivers, and the move could see a rise in the number of penalty charge notices issued for these offences.

He said: “Many junctions are not set up fairly which leads to drivers having no choice but stop in them, whether due to poor traffic light sequencing, poor design or being used in the wrong place.

“[Drivers] at the front of traffic lights often feel pressured to move on as a result of impatient drivers behind who don’t realise they are being prevented from doing so by the presence of yellow lines.”

He also mentioned concerns it could lead to local authorities being inconsistent in their application of road traffic law, or cash-strapped councils using the new powers as a lucrative revenue stream.

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