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Embassies have Racked Up £119 Million In Unpaid Parking Charges

The Mail Online has reported how embassies and diplomats have run up traffic and parking charges of £119 Million, with the US Embassy topping the lost with an outstanding total of £12.6 Million.

The top 5 international offenders are;

USA – £12.6 Million
Japan – £8.6 Million
Nigeria – £7 Million
Russia – £5.7 Million
China – £5.2 Million
Poland – £4.4 Million

The outstanding monies are generally in relation to congestion charges and parking fines. And the galling thing is how the UK may never see a penny of it.

This international loophole comes directly from the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations whereby diplomats are exempt from paying taxes in the country hosting them.

The agreement, signed by the UK, means the embassies have no legal obligation to pay the charges.

Transport For London [“TfL”] have decided to challenge the situation owing to a massive loss in revenue. To put the figure in perspective, in 2018 TfL made £155.9 Million from congestion charge payments alone. The situation is further heightened as, by law, TfL has to reinvest its revenue back into the London transport infrastructure.

TfL’s general manager for road user charging Paul Cowperthwaite said the company continue to request payment from diplomats.

He said: “We are clear that the congestion charge is a charge for a service and not a tax. This means that foreign diplomats are not exempt from paying it.

“We continue to pursue all unpaid congestion charge fees and related penalty charge notices.”

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