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Fines For Stopping In Yellow Boxes To Be Rolled Out Nationwide

It has been reported how drivers will soon face fines for stopping in yellow box junctions all around the country.

The Transport Secretary looks likely to hand powers for enforcing moving traffic violations to local councils as has been the case for London and Cardiff.

While accepting the move broadly makes sense, the RAC has expressed its concern over how many councils may see the move as a cash cow to increase their income.

Nicholas Lyes, head of roads policy at the RAC said: “Local authorities know where congestion might require some form of enforcement, particularly in the case of box junctions, so it stands to reason they should be able to improve this through the use of enforcement.

“However, we remain concerned that cash-strapped authorities may see this as an opportunity to extract more revenue from drivers.”

Transport for London has been enforcing and penalising drivers for stopping in yellow box junctions for 15 years and in 2017/2018 issued fines to the value of £16 million.

Nicholas Lyes added: “Should powers be extended to cover all moving traffic offences, local authorities must use this as an opportunity to improve traffic flow and safety, and not as a way to generate more revenue.”