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New Drivers Could Be Banned From Driving At Night

It has been reported how new initiatives could see new drivers banned from night time driving as part of a graduated licensing process.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has suggested that a new drivers licence would be expanded as their skill sets and safety awareness grows. Other than nighttime driving, other limitation could also include driving with passengers.

Driving charity Brake called upon the government to introduce such a scheme last year but plans were shelved on the basis of it affecting young people’s job and educational prospects.

However, the government have stated how 20% of new drivers are involved in a crash during their first year of driving and have stated they wish to see this number fall. The DfT has now said they will be making a study over the next 12 months on the effectiveness of graduated licence scheme.

It should be noted how the UK already has a graduated licence scheme in place for motorcycles with riders needing to be over the age of 21 and has already held a “standard A2” licence before being able to ride a bike of any size or power output.

The RAC said it supported plans to improve young drivers’ safety, but any graduated system needed to consider the needs of young drivers.

“Young drivers sadly are over-represented in road traffic collisions so we welcome plans to improve their safety,” said the RAC’s head of roads policy, Nicholas Lyes. “Graduated driver licensing has the benefit of providing a more controlled environment when learning how to drive, however, this must be balanced so it does not disadvantage young drivers who need to use vehicles for night work.

“We certainly would welcome a minimum learning period, or indeed a minimum number of learning hours required, while there may also be merits in restricting new drivers from carrying some passengers at certain times of the day and possibly even having a stricter drink-drive limit for new drivers. But we would also encourage the government to look closely at providing incentives for the uptake of telematics-based policies for new drivers, and consider how any new rules governing new drivers can be effectively enforced.”

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