Nuneaton Magistrates’ Court

Nuneaton Magistrates’ Court

We are a firm of expert motoring lawyers who represent defendant drivers at this Magistrates' Court.

Millars Solicitors are highly regarded as a market leader in road traffic law and defending the motorist against allegations of driving offences.

Headed up by Carl Millar, an expert motoring law solicitor with a solid countrywide reputation for tenacious case preparation and dogged courtroom determination, Millars Solicitors have quickly become the first port of call for many motorists who take their driving licences seriously.

With a wealth of experience in representing company directors, sportsmen and women and anyone who relies upon their driving license for their business or employment, Millars Solicitors have very quickly become the "go to" firm for many drivers.

Unlike many motoring law firms Millars Solicitors provide an initial free of charge telephone conference. Please remember that in dealing with Millars solicitors you will only ever speak to a qualified expert road traffic solicitor.

Getting in contact with Millars Solicitors could not be easier. You can call them free on 0800 999 5535 or click here to send them a confidential email.

Millars Solicitors defend peoples driving licences at this Magistrates Court.

Nuneaton Magistrates’ Court

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Warwickshire Justice Centre
Vicarage Street
CV11 4JU

Fine queries: 02476 482 961
Family queries: 0300 123 5577
Criminal queries: 0192 642 9133
Accounts: 02476 382 750 or 02476 345 456
Witness service: 01926 680 250
Fax: 02476 352 835

"Although we are well known as drink driving solicitors we also represent clients for a large number of road traffic and motoring law offences. We defend drivers from all walks of life and all over the Country. Be they a company director, retired person, professional or a home maker we are always here to advise, help and defend."

Our Testimonials

The initial advice talking to Carl Millar was good. He took the time investigating all options available to me and came back with a solution for us to proceed with the case. the court procedure and personnel were explained to me, including how to address each person by their correct title. I was kept informed with case progress by both telephone and email. I fully expected to leave court without a driving licence and a hefty ban. The final outcome meant I could keep driving. If I have any more traffic cases in England, I would look to Millars Solicitors to represent me. I would also recommend them to friends and family. Thank you for all the help in keeping my licence.
Tony D - Horse Transporter - 15 POINTS ON DRIVING LICENCE, NOT DISQUALIFIED - November 2018.

I found Carl to be very open, clear and honest. The court procedure was fully explained to me and all the possible outcomes discussed. I would recommend Millars Solicitors to family and friends.

I was provided with an excellent service and right from the beginning I was given good, sound advice. They took the time to explore all the possibilities and their replies to me have been prompt. This was very important owing to the stress of facing a possible prison sentence. I was always able to make contact by mobile and my queries were answered without delay. I was fully prepared for court as the procedure was properly explained to me. I was very happy with the outcome and have no hesitation in recommending Millars Solicitors.

The advice was sensible and my expectations were managed, whilst being clear and concise. Carl took the time to understand the details of the case and had a very pragmatic yet human approach. I fully understood my options and was able to make an educated decision about how I wished to proceed. The court procedure was explained on the day, which felt the right time. Any earlier and I might have been too nervous/upset to make a plea and speak articulately about my case. I feel Millars solicitors represented me very well and were able to speak to the court in a manner I wouldn’t have been able to myself. I would definitely recommend Millars Solicitors to a friend or family member.
Ms G - Design Manager - Another driving licence saved by arguing exceptional hardship - Totting Up - September 2018

I was very satisfied with the advice given. It was all explained to me simply and honestly. I was kept up to date with the developments in my case. I would definitely recommend Millars Solicitors to a friend or family member seeking legal advice.
M - Nurse - Drink Driving - September 2018

The options and legalities were explained in a very non-judgemental way and I was clearly guided through the court process. All the options and consequences were clearly explained to me. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case, as I avoided a driving ban and would definitely recommend Millars Solicitors in the future.
Ben - Asst Store Manager - Speeding - August 2018

Carl and team are fantastic to deal with. They handled my case with skill, professionalism and respect. I did not feel judged. On the day of the first plea hearing, Carl made me feel at ease by explaining clearly the court process. As soon as any new information was available I was informed straight away. Carl persuaded the CPS to discontinue proceedings against me and the case was dropped on a technicality. If you want a quality service then Millars Solicitors are the go to firm.
NH - Sales Manager - Failure To Provide A Breath Sample - July 2018

I was extremely satisfied with the advice I was given. I had never been in court previously and did not know what to expect. Carl guided me through the process, advising and gathering the relevant information for my case. I felt confident with Carl processing my case as he digested my information and talked to me about all the possible outcomes. He was clear and concise. I couldn't have wished for a better outcome, which was totally down to Carl's summation to the court. I would absolutely recommend Millars Solicitors to a friend or family member should they need such a service in the future. I was particularly pleased with Carl who was always available from the moment I made contact.
Miss CM - SRN - Drunk In Charge Of Motor Vehicle - July 2018

I was extremely satisfied with the advice received. All the options and consequences were explained to me in detail, as was the court process. I was satisfied with the outcome of mt case and would recommend Millars Solicitors to anyone in the future.
Mr IR - Publican - Drink Driving - July 2018

The initial advice was crucial in deciding how to prepare for my court case, all the possible sentences and how best to go about preparing for my case were explained to me. It gave me peace of mind knowing that they had dealt with this scenario many times before. The main consequences of my offence were a disqualification, fine and possible retest, all of which were made clear in my initial phone calls. I would highly recommend Millars Solicitors. They gave me a peace of mind knowing that I would have someone that knows that they’re doing when representing me in a court of law. Any queries I had were responded to quickly and professionally. I would like to think that none of my friends or family end up in the same situation as me but if they do then I would recommend them this service
Mr E - Engineering Apprentice - Attempt Drink Driving - June 2018

I was very satisfied with the advice received and all my available options were explained to me in detail. The court procedure was explained clearly to me and I was kept informed with all the details in my case. I would recommend Millars Solicitors to anyone needing legal advice.
Mrs BH - Retired - Drink Driving - May 2018

I was extremely satisfied with the advice received. All the options and outcomes were explained to me honestly and transparently. Carl always answered my emails promptly, even though he was on holiday. I found Millars Solicitors to be extremely professional and highly competent in their field. I would definitely recommend Millars Solicitors to friends and family.
Ash - Field Trainer - Drink Driving - April 2018

I was very satisfied with the advice and guidance provided. All the options available were discussed with me as well as consequences and practical considerations. Time was taken to talk through and explore these in some detail. I think the outcome was the best possible outcome I could have expected within the parameters of the offence. I would recommend Millars Solicitors to others in the future.
Mr S - Human Resources - Drink Driving - April 2018

I was very satisfied with the advice I received. All the options and court procedures were explained to me. I would recommend Millars Solicitors to others in the future.
Michael - Marine And Helicopter Co-Ordinator - Drink Driving - March 2018

I was very satisfied and appreciated the honesty about the case and chances of success. All the options and court procedures were clearly explained to me. I would recommend Millars Solicitors.
Mr N - Railway Contractor - Speeding / Totting Up - February 2018

I was very satisfied. Everything was clearly explained to me at the first consultation. I was fully informed and updated as the case went along. I would definitely recommend Millars Solicitors, to any one needing legal advice.
DG - Unemployed - Speeding - February 2018

The advice was professional, clearly delivered, prompt and in my best interests. From my first panicked phone call, right through the hearing, it was outstanding. carl represented me with the most comprehensive and professional approach. His knowledge of the law surrounding motoring offences is incredible and if I had to go through this experience again he would most certainly be my first phone call. I can't recommend Millars Solicitors enough.
Mr T - Sales Representative - Speeding - February 2018

I was very satisfied with the advice received; everything was made very clear. Carl was excellent in sharing information. He put my mind at ease by telling me I could call him about my case, and was available up to 11pm. I was very satisfied with Millars Solicitors. They put my case forward perfectly, which resulted in me getting the best result possible. Thank you to Carl for his efforts and support with my case.
John M - Crane Operator - Drunk In Charge Of A Motor Vehicle - February 2018

I was very satisfied with the advice received. The court procedure and all my options were explained to me. Carl was very supportive and I would definitely recommend Millars Solicitors to family or friends in the future.
SK - Student - Failing To Provide A Specimen - January 2018

I wasn’t aware at the time of receiving initial advice how serious an offence totting up was and that a minimum of 6 months disqualification is often enforced. Carl informed me both professionally and factually of what the outcome could be, and how we could try to persuade the Magistrate to find exceptional hardship and what means and what I would need to demonstrate. All options and consequences involved were explained in detail, both prior to the hearing and again on arrival at court. I was very satisfied and relieved with the outcome of my case. I found Carl to be very ‘real’, approachable and professional. On the day of the hearing and whilst in court, he pitched how nervous and out of my comfort zone I was and had the ability to be factual but at the same time empathic.
Kirsty - Manager - Speeding / Totting Up - January 2018

I was very happy and felt reassured. All the options and consequences were explained to me. I was over the moon with the outcome and so happy I got to keep my licence.
Callum D - Driving Without Dur Care - Failing To Stop (Discontinued) - Accounts Assistant January 2018

I was very satisfied with the advice and would recommend Millars Solicitors to others. All the options, consequences and court procedures were explained to me. Carl was very understanding and gave clear advice. He was compassionate and extremely supportive.
SK - Failing To Provide A Specimen - Student - January 2018

I was exceptionally satisfied and reassured from the outset. I would not have had the desired outcome without the advice I received. It helped calm the situation and provide a clear direction in an otherwise challenging situation. The court procedure was clearly explained to me, helping me to understand what to expect. I was kept up to date throughout, especially during the day when decisions had to be made.

I would absolutely recommend Millars Solicitors to friends, family or anyone else. If you have any risk of losing your licence then use Millars Solicitors. I was so please I did. It was a great decision to get in touch with them and let them handle the case. Brilliant.
Paul - Totter Avoids Ban / Speeding - Company Director - November 2017

The advice was excellent considering I was extremely nervous and unfamiliar with court proceedings and the law. Carl broke it down into language I understood and was only too happy to answer any questions I had. He even went through the possible scenarios that may happen and what paperwork I would need to have for our next meeting. Carl’s was friendly and reassuring which put me at ease straight away. At the end of our first meeting I knew what to expect and what my next steps were which took away some of my fears

The court proceedings were explained in detail to me as I needed to know the complete format in order to deal with my anxiety. Carl painted a complete picture as to what the court room would look like and the roles of the people present. He even explained what would happen on the day where I would meet my barrister his name and his role on the day. Carl also went through exactly what I would be required to say along with the barrister, to the point of the sentence procedure and how to leave the court. He also told me how I would need to pay the fine and what time frame I would be expected to pay it in. I was extremely grateful for so much detail as it allowed me to prepare for the day and put in place support for my anxiety.
I would highly recommend Millars Solicitors to a friend if in need of any legal advice in the future.
AD - Disqualification Avoided - High Speed - October 2017

I was extremely satisfied and could not have done without Carl's assistance and support. All options were discussed and my questions answered. The court procedure was explained and the preparation was invaluable. I was kept up to date withe the progress and developments in my case. I am over the moon with outcome of my case but know I would not have got this result without Carl. I would definitely recommend Millars Solicitors for anyone needing legal advice.
Lisa Chadwick - Totting Up, No Ban - HR - September 2017

I just wanted to say a big thank-you for all your work. I received the least possible sentence thanks to you. There was clearly an enormous amount of respect from the Judge on the day. I would be happy to recommend Millars Solicitors.
Mr D - Drink Driving - IT Consultant - August 2017

The whole process, along with each option and their possible outcomes, was explained in great detail. Carl regularly kept in touch over my case updates. I am 100% satisfied with the outcome of my case. Carl put across an exceptional hardship argument which meant I was not banned from driving. I would recommend Millars Solicitors to anyone needing motoring law advice and representation.
MC - Speeding / Totting Up - Not Disqualified - Project Manager - July 2017

They outlined the case to me, how to continue and what Millars Solicitors could do for me. The courtroom procedure was explained to me and the possibilities of me being disqualified. I was kept informed as to the update of my case. I was very satisfied with the outcome as I was not disqualified. I would recommend Millars Solicitors to a friend or family member who was wanting legal advice and representation.
Anonymous - Totting Up 21 Penalty Points - Not Disqualified - Youth Worker - July 2017

The advice received was knowledgable, frank and honest. There were no false hopes as to the potential outcome. All the options and court room procedure were clearly explained. our family had never attended court before, so the prospect was daunting. It would have been infinitely more stressful for James and us to attend Court and make representation on our own. It was particularly helpful to know the mitigation which could be put forward and which would be viewed favourably by the Magistrates, and equally what information would not. We felt the mitigation was a significant factor in their decision to impose the minimum disqualification. I would recommend Millars Solicitors to a friend or family member in the future.
J.F. - Drug Driving - Student - July 2017

I was very satisfied with the advice received and the procedure was clearly explained to me. I was kept informed of the case developments and would recommend Millars Solicitors to a friend or family member in the future.
Anonymous - Drink Driving - Company Director - June 2017

I was advised to get a specialist solicitor to represent me. On looking online, Millars' site appeared to be well presented, there was plenty of advice and an offer of a free initial consultation. I was very happy with the service. I have already recommended Millars Solicitors to others who may need their services.
Mr N - Drink Driving - Pilot - May 2017

I would just like to thank you and Miss Moore for your help in getting the best possible outcome from my unfortunate​ predicament , the very professional advice and the way you and Miss Moore handled my case was excellent and I would highly recommend you to anyone finding themself in a similar position.
Mr F - Drink Driving - Company Director - April 2017

I just wanted to thank you and your team for helping Nathan last week. This was his first experience of a court and hopefully his last but he was put at ease by and everything was explained to him throughout the process. He knows he is fortunate not to receive 6 penalty points on his driving licence and he is very grateful for the contribution made on his behalf.
Mr D - Avoiding Licence Revocation - New Driver - March 2017

We were very satisfied with our initial advice, so much so that we travelled 2 and a half hours up the country to meet with Carl. We were happy with Carl as he was incredibly professional and thorough with the information he gave. We were both incredibly anxious on the day as neither of us had been through anything like this before but Carl eased the stress by explaining what to expect. We strongly believe that Carl got us the best possible outcome, given the charges, in the way he presented us and himself. I would strongly recommend Millars Solicitors to anybody needing advice and representation in court. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank Carl for working with us, his professionalism, mannerism and self presentation far outshone every other solicitor in the courts that day. Just fantastic service and fully recommend to anyone.
Andrew And Gemma - Dental Technicians - Drink Driving - March 2017

Carl listened well and gave me his honest assessment of the likely outcome of my case. I found this early clarity very reassuring. After asking Carl to represent me I mailed all the relevant paperwork through and we followed this up the next Tuesday with a detailed phone call, going over all the information and deciding on a course of action. Carl met up with me in Court and went over the information he had and clearly explained the Court process for me and how he was going to approach presenting my case. This was a steadying moment as I never been in a Court before so to me it all seemed a daunting experience. Carl steadied the boat and I was satisfied with the way Carl presented my case. He persuaded the Magistrates not to take away my licence. I would recommend Millars Solicitors to friends or family as I found their service good.
M Gill - Retired - Driving Without Due Care And Attention - February 2017

Excellent service all round. My barrister that represented me in court listened to my instructions and carried them out extremely professionally, ultimately getting a better outcome than was expected. I would recommend Millars Solicitors to anyone wanting a road traffic solicitor.
Mr D - Director - Speeding - January 2017

Hi, Carl. I would like to thank you for all your help in getting me through this court case. I can't thank you enough. Liz was great in helping me to understand the process. Can you please tell Liz I am grateful for her guidance, and I am very happy with the outcome.
Phil - Drink Driving - January 2017

Carl, once again thanks for today, you are worth every penny and I will be recommending you to anyone I hear about
Mr J - Self Employed - Drink Driving - December 2016

I found the initial advice given was excellent. All the options were explained to me and I was kept fully up to date with my case progression. I have to say that I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case. I would definitely recommend Millars Solicitors to any of of my friends and family.
Mr P - Architect - Speeding - November 2016

I was very satisfied with the initial advice I received. Everything was fully explained along with the various consequences. Carl was available by phone or email if I ever had any queries. The court procedure was explained by Carl who had a calming influence - I felt very reassured. I was very happy with Millars Solicitors, particularly Carl who handled everything with his calming and reassuring approach. I would definitely recommend him and his firm to friends and family should they need it.
Miss T - Teacher - Drink Driving & Failing To Stop - October 2016

I was very satisfied and received the correct advice from the start. All the court procedures and consequences were fully explained to me. I was always kep up to date with my case and got the best possible outcome. Carl made the whole process a lot easier to deal with. He took some fo the stress away with his calm, non judgmental manner. I am sure the outcome would not have been as good, if I had not used Carl. I would definitely recommend Millars Solicitors to a friend or family member needing similar legal advice in the future.
Mr N - Hairdresser - Drink Driving - October 2016

Millars persuaded the CPS to drop the case against me for drink driving due to a breach of the procedure. I was extremely satisfied with the advice I received. The court procedures and consequences were all explained to me. I was constantly informed and updated on the case progress, both by email and by phone. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case and am grateful and appreciate everything. I would 100% recommend Millars Solicitors.
Callum Hearmon - Sales Assistant - Drink Driving - October 2016

Thank you and Millars Solicitors for taking hold of my case. I managed to keep my license and it wouldn't of been possible without your help.
Mr T - Electrician - Totting Up & Exceptional Hardship - September 2016

Great Result. I was very satisfied with the advice I received. I would absolutely recommend Millars Solicitors to anyone needing legal advice or help with motoring law.
Mr V - Self Employed - Speeding - September 2016

Thank you so much Carl. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case. I was expecting a 6 month disqualification but ended up with only 14 days!! All in all, using Millars Solicitors has cost me much less than 6 months of trains and taxis. I would recommend Millars Solicitors to friends and family who may need legal advice in the future.
Mrs F - Psychotherapist - Speeding - August 2016

Very good solicitors and very helpful and kept me calm the whole time. Thank you for all your hard work.
Mr G - Accountant - Drink Driving -July 2016

I was very satisfied and reassured. All possibilities were explained simply. Very pleased with the aid I had and satisfied with the outcome.
JH - Student - Drug Driving - June 2016

I was more than happy with the advice and support that I was given. Everything about my case was explained in full detail to me. I was absolutely overwhelmed with the result of the case it gave me back my independence. I would definitely use Millars Solicitors again. I have no doubt in my mind that without them I would not of got through this case.
T Doolan - General Hand - Appeal Against Driving Disqualification & Exceptional Hardship - June 2016

Every aspect of the case was explained in full. In our terms not solicitors. All options were explained in full and completely understood. I was always kept up to date with regular contact. I would recommend them to anyone going through a driving offence. I contacted Carl after a bad experience with another solicitor. Although apprehensive at first, it was the best decision ever.
Francesca M – Retail Manager – Drink Driving – May 2016

I was very impressed by the thoroughly professional role of Millars in all elements of my case including the resultant hearing. I was kept fully up to date throughout the case. The court procedure and options available to me were fully explained and I would definitely recommend Millars Solicitors to a friend or family in the future.
JW - Lecturer - Drink Driving - March 2016

Right throughout the whole process, from start to finish, the advice and service has been first class. All of my questions were clearly answered. I would definitely recommend Millars Solicitors to a friend or family member in the future.
Anne - Sales Manager - Totting Up - February 2016

I was very satisfied given that my reading in breath was above the sentencing criteria of a custodial sentence. A custodial sentence was avoided due to a first class job all round. Thanks to Paul and Carl.
PMW - Business Continuity & Crisis Management Consultant - Drink Driving - February 2016

Based upon my experience I would have no doubts about recommending Millars Solicitors. The defence process was handled efficiently and effectively by Millars. The court was fair but challenging hence the need for good representation.
Mr W - Management Consultant - Totting - January 2016

I would like to thank you for taking on my case at such short notice and I am extremely grateful to you for getting the best possible outcome for me from a bad situation. Your assistance and support prior to the court appearance was invaluable and your reassurance on the day helped ease the stress. You handled my case in a very professional and understanding manner and I never felt belittled or judged. Thank you.
Mr C - Production Operator - Drink Driving - January 2016

The whole case was handled efficiently and professionally from start to finish. (Millars Solicitors) made a very stressful situation easier to handle. Was very impressed with the level and quality of service.
Rob - Sales Manager - Speeding - January 2016

If I ever needed to seek legal advice in the future, I would certainly contact Millars, and recommend the legal practise to my friends and associates. This was my very first encounter with solicitors and court proceedings, and I was extremely impressed, in the manner that my case was dealt with by Carl & Charlotte. Throughout, everything was fully explained in a warm, friendly and emphatic manner.
Mr B - Retired - Drink Driving - December 2015

I can say that from the beginning that Solicitor Carl was always very attentive and clarifier and always enlighten me as to make me feel supported. So I can say that I was delighted. The best result, no doubt! Worth it.
Ms B - Care Worker - Speeding Tickets - December 2015

Amazing outcome, a good explanation of the rules and regulations. Good Services overall.
Ms P - Company Director - Speeding - November 2015

My sincere thanks to yourself, for the advice and guidance, plus the overall care and understanding of my circumstances. The final result was much better than anticipated.
Mr W - Business Consultant - Speeding - November 2015

Thank you for today, it was good to meet you in person. I was pleased with the outcome of the case and I felt you handled it in a very professional and understanding manner. I hope I never have to, but I would be more than happy to use your services again and recommend you to others that find themselves in similar unfortunate circumstances to myself. I found you by chance on the internet and was influenced by the positive comments other clients had made. If you would like to to add me to your list of satisfied clients I would be happy to for you to do so.
Mr P - Store Manager - Drink Driving - October 2015

Thank you Carl, you guys were a great help on court. You are a credit to your profession.
Mr M - Professional Golfer - October 2015

I was extremely satisfied with the advice I received. Carl was knowledgeable, calm and reassuring throughout the whole time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Millars Solicitors in the future.
Richard H - Manager - Drink Driving - October 2015

I found Carl to be very professional and he made me feel calm in a situation I would never expected myself to be in . The outcome was better than I expected I would recommend him to anyone in the same position.
Miss M - Healthcare Professional -Excess Alcohol - August 2015

Thanks for your assistance with this matter. I will recommend you to anyone I know who finds themselves in the same situation.
JB - August 2015

Following my court hearing on the 2nd July 2015 I would like to thank you for all the assistance and support that Millars Solicitors offered with all the information necessary for the court date. Additionally, a big thank you for the information and reassurance to help place my mind at ease towards the build up to court with everything I needed to know about the day allowing me to be more relaxed and comfortable.

I am most grateful for being successful during the hearing resulting the ban being the lowest I could have been entitled to.

Once again I would like to thank Millars Solicitors for everything and would definitely recommend you to anyone that finds themselves to be in a similar situation to which I was in.
Mauricio - Sales Executive - Drink Driving - July 2015

I was very satisfied. Everything was explained in great detail.
Ms R - C/S Advisor - Drunk In Charge - July 2015

I would absolutely recommend Millar’s Solicitors to anyone requiring legal advice on vehicle offence issues. Carl provided exactly the service that I was seeking. Clear information and guidance based on the legal specifics of my case, and the options available to the court and to myself. Carl’s advice and assistance prior to the court appearance was invaluable and, I believe, key to me receiving the best possible outcome in my circumstances.
George - Musician - Speeding - June 2015

Carl came across professional with a friendly and affable manner. His directions were practical and helpful. This allowed me to prepare for the case with the clarity and the detail it required. Due to my nervousness in attending court I found Carl's attendance to be very supportive and informative. I doubt I would have had the same outcome without him and cannot thank him enough for taking my case on. Carl's quality of service is excellent and I would have not hesitation in recommending him to family and friends.
Grazyna Duffy - QA Technical Manager - Speeding - June 2015

Your services are very much appreciated. You were clear in advice and very understanding. Home visit was most helpful and you were always available by phone or email.I would definitely recommend Millars Solicitors to friends or family in the future.
AJ - 2 Motoring Offences - May 2015

I was very satisfied with the initial advice and everything was explained in great detail. I would definitely strongly recommend Millars Solicitors.
DR - Customer Service Advisor - Drunk In Charge - May 2015

I was very happy with the advice received. I would definitely recommend Carl Millar to my friends and family.
Mr A. Fernandez - Computer Programmer - Drunk In Charge - May 2015

I received a full explanation of what was likely to happen based on former experiences and also what could happen in unlikely circumstances. Very satisfied as Carl obtained the best outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to friends and family
Mr C - Company Secretary - Excess Speed on Motorway - May 2015

I received very good advice from Carl Millar who reassured me and kept me informed of all proceedings throughout the whole process in a simple and easy to understand way. All of my options and the consequences involved were again fully explained and the best course of action was recommended and explained in full in an easy and concise way throughout the whole process. We agreed to meet at the Court prior to my hearing and discussed all the final details, so again this was conducted very efficiently as we talked through every aspect of the proceedings and what to expect when in the Court Room itself. Having discussed all the detail over the phone and also had various correspondences via e-mail so every development was clearly covered and explained. Carl Millar is a really down to earth professional who immediately puts you at ease as he talk’s you through all the relevant options and outcomes with a sympathetic ear and in a very courteous manner.
Mr George Hunter - Regional Sales Manager -Speeding Offence - May 2015

I was very satisfied with the advice and guidance Carl gave. He had a clear understanding of my situation and how we should deal with the case. Carl gave me two options on how we could proceed with my case and clearly explained what both would involve and the costs involved. Carl gave regular updates through email and phone calls. The service I received was very good value for money and I definitely got the outcome I was hoping for and would not hesitate in using Millars Solicitors in the future.
Mr Q - Gas Engineer - Speeding - April 2015

Millars Solicitors spent over and hour advising me even before mentioning payment. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Carl made me feel at ease and prepared me throughly for the case. Without a doubt I would recommend Millars Solicitors to a friend or family. Carl's knowledge and experience in motoring law defence shone through immediately which fills me with confidence for the case. He was honest and up front as well as supportive. I could not recommend him highly enough.
Jonathan - Sales District Manager - Multiple Speeding Offences - May 2015

Very satisfied - the advice was clear, well-explained and gave us great confidence in Carl. Carl was very easy to talk to, understood the situation quickly and gave good advice throughout the case. We trusted Carl throughout the process, and he always responded quickly to our requests. On the day of the case he was very attentive, guiding us through an situation we had no previous experience of, making the day far less stressful that it otherwise would have been.
ES - Student - Drink Driving - March 2015

Extremely satisfied, this was already presenting itself to be somewhat complex case for different reasons and whilst not wishing to go into the details, the representative from Millar’s was extremely reassuring and understanding and incredibly competent at separating this ‘nightmare’ into different boxes with differing priorities and a focus on the best result for me personally.At every stage the options and consequences were explained and in a way that, so patiently I could understand. At times I may have want to consider other options and they diligently explored those on my behalf and represented the outcomes back to me. Millars sent me details, reminders of where I was to be when and what would happen thankfully, as I was still in a complete melt down and as long as I had an in box from Millars, considering the mess everywhere else in my life I had focus. Given the extreme complexity of the case, I was more than satisfied with the outcome. Millars Solicitors in my experience took the time to understand me not just the offence. Millars don’t Judge people they Defend People!
Mrs W Cheshire - Operations Director NHS - Drink Driving - January 2015

Everything was explained to be perfectly, Carl also listened, understood and proceeded accordingly to favour myself as much as possible. I was very happy with the advice received. I would definitely recommend Carl Millar and Driving Offence Defence.
Mr L - Computer Programmer - Drunk In Charge - December 2014

Many thanks for the work you did in preparing my case. I much appreciated your skill during the hearing.
Mr H - Dance Instructor - Speeding & Totting Up - December 2014

Thank you so much for everything you have done. Thank God I spoke to you and it's amazing t actually move on now. If I hear of anyone I know who has any driving offence issues I will tell them to contact you.
Mr G - Estate Agent - Failing To Stop And Report & Careless Driving - November 2014

Carl was very calm, methodical and thorough, taking all the time I needed to explain everything clearly. He was patient and comprehensive at all times. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case.
SE - Web Designer - Drink Driving - November 2014

I have no previous personal experience of core procedure but Mr Millar provided a clear description before entering court. I felt comfortable with his support throughout the hearing. I was fully advised of progress from first contact to the conclusion of the case. Although probably routine to you, the summons and hearing was alien to me and I tank you for your help in relieving the stress.
Mr B D - Retired - Speeding & Exceptional Hardship - November 2014

Very Satisfied
Mr C - Welder - Drink Driving - October 2014

I was very satisfied. Carl was clear and detailed the procedure and likely outcome of the case. Carl also went into Court on the day to assess the bench and keep me informed as to what was happening, given the wait for the case to be heard.
Ms B - Examiner and Trainer - Drink Driving - August 2014

Excellent Service. I was advised fully of the possible outcomes and even though I felt scared Mr Millar calmly talked me through every step. I am so thankful for Carl's advice, I am totally satisfied with the service. I cannot emphasise how brilliant Carl is.
Mrs O - Director - Drink Driving - August 2014

Very satisfied!
Mr S - Yard Operative - Driving Without Insurance

I found your service professional, helpful and friendly. Just the type of company you need it in your corner when finding yourself in a tight spot.
Mr B - Upholsterer - Totting Up

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and support with K’s recent case. I have to say it was not the most pleasant six months I have ever had but it was made all the more bearable knowing that we had someone who knew what they were doing acting for us. You always gave us good advice, even if we didn’t like the answer, with a very clear and easily understandable manner. The outcome was more than we could have wished for and this is clearly down to you and your firm, so well done.
Mr & Mrs R

We were very satisfied with the initial advice received: Carl explained the situation clearly and thoroughly. All of the options were explained and the consequences of each course of action. The court procedure, again was explained very well. The potential Court hearing was a daunting prospect but Carl was able to put our minds at rest and we knew that we were in good hands. We were always kept informed and updated even though we sometimes dreaded the calls! We always knew however, that Carl understood how we were feeling and made us feel at ease. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome of the case, it exceeded our expectations and we are very pleased. We certainly would and have already recommended Carl to others.
Mrs R

I was very satisfied with the advice given to me. Carl kept me fully informed of all possibilities in terms of outcome and how the process would work. The options available to me were fully explained by Carl, who also explained the Court procedure very clearly. I was kept fully informed throughout my case via letters and phone calls of any progress or developments, and I was very satisfied with the outcome. It could not have been better! I have already told people how good Carl was and if they ever have cause to use a [road traffic] solicitor they should use him.
Mr L

Carl Millar represented me at Scunthorpe Magistrates Court in relation to an allegation of using a handheld mobile telephone. I was not using the telephone but the evidence was stacked against me as the two police officers came to Court and both said that I was using the telephone. Carl kept me informed throughout the case and got statements from my mobile phone providers, using the evidence in court. I was really nervous and I thought that I would have difficulties as the police evidence seemed overwhelming against me. Carl argued that there was a difference between holding a mobile telephone and using a mobile telephone whilst driving. I was acquitted by the Magistrates. Carl’s cross-examination of the police officers was brilliant!
Mr S

Our Motoring Law Services

Appealing A Driving Ban

In most cases, you have the right to appeal a conviction made by UK courts, and this is certainly the case if you have been found guilty of a motoring offence. Whether you believe that you received poor quality legal representation during the first case, you represented yourself, or there was a genuine reason that you were unaware of the hearing in the first place, it may be possible to have your conviction cancelled or the case re-opened.

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Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving is the most serious type of road offence that a driver can commit, apart from those that involve accidents and fatalities. As such, it has the highest maximum penalties, and being found guilty of a dangerous driving offence not only means that you stand to lose your licence but you could face a custodial sentence, considerable financial fine, and have to take an extensive re-test when you come to try and get your licence back.

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Drink Driving

There are a number of offences that might fall under the category of drink driving offences, including driving while under the influence of excessive alcohol and failing to provide a specimen. While the latter doesn’t necessarily mean that you were definitely over the limit, the courts will typically treat it with the same level of potential penalty, in a bid to try and prevent drivers from using this as a ploy to get out of drink driving offences.

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Driving Without Due Care

In order to be convicted of driving without due care and attention, the prosecution must be able to show that your driving fell below the standards reasonably expected of a competent driver, and that you knew that your driving was below this standard. Even the most experienced and careful of driver can suffer a momentary lapse of concentration. In most cases, this may mean straying into another lane, or overshooting a junction, and hopefully with no detrimental effects.

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Driving With No Insurance

It is a legal requirement to ensure that you are adequately insured whenever you drive a car on the road or other public area. A failure to do this could result in the issuance of a Fixed Penalty Notice or a summons to appear in court, and can carry a penalty of between 6 and 8 penalty points as well as a fine of up to £5,000. In the most serious cases, the court may disqualify you from driving, and while driving without insurance is a strict liability offence, you may be able to claim special reasons so that you would be found guilty of the offence but would not receive the usual penalty and fine.

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Drug Driving

New drug driving laws have been introduced in the UK, although it has long been an offence to drive while under the influence of drugs. New laws introduced in March 2015, along with the introduction of roadside testing equipment, means that drivers can be asked to provide a specimen of saliva or sweat at the roadside, and can then be taken in to the police station for further testing if certain levels of any of eight drugs are found in the driver’s system.

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Early Return Of Driving Licence Applications

Disqualification from driving is seen as a severe penalty, and is typically only handed down to those that commit the most serious offences, or that repeatedly commit lesser offences. While it may be possible for a solicitor to argue that you would suffer exceptional hardship by having your licence taken from you, there is still the chance that you will be disqualified. However, if your circumstances have changed, you meet certain stipulations and criteria, and the courts agree, then it may be possible for you to have your licence returned, and your disqualification completed, sooner than originally set out.

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Failing to Furnish Driver Details

Failing to furnish driver details when requested to by the police could mean that a relatively simple speeding fine and associated penalty points could quickly double and become a major problem for some drivers. This offence has seen some media coverage, as many drivers have attempted, successfully in some historical cases, to say that they did not know who exactly was driving at the time of an alleged incident.

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Failing To Provide A Specimen

When the police suspect that a person is guilty of driving while under the influence of alcohol, they will request that the driver give a sample. Typically, this will initially be a sample of breath, unless they do not have breathalyser equipment, but it is down to the police to determine whether they want a specimen of breath, urine, or blood.

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Failing To Report

If you have been involved in an accident while driving, you are legally required to ensure that the incident is reported to the police, if you do not exchange details including your name and address with the other party while at the scene. Ideally, you should report the accident straight away, and in person at the police station, but it should be reported within 24 hours in any case. Failing to report an accident is an offence, and one that can carry up to ten penalty points, although there are defences that can help gain an acquittal or mitigate the sentence so that you receive fewer penalty points and a lesser fine.

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Failing To Stop

When involved in any accident, it is the responsibility of the driver to stop and provide details to any other party involved in the accident. Failing to stop and provide details is considered a serious offence, and the alleged offender faces up to 10 penalty points on their licence, as well as a fine of up to £5,000. Although a prison sentence may be given, this is typically only reserved for the most serious offences, and those cases where the offender is found guilty of additional crimes.

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Mobile Phone Usage

It is against the law to use a handheld mobile phone while driving. Not only is it illegal to talk on the phone without using a headset or hands free kit of some sort, but it is illegal to text, use social media, or perform any task that requires interaction with the device. What’s more, all mobile devices are covered, so this includes but is not limited to mp3 players, tablet computers, and smartphones.

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Special Reasons

Special reasons exist for many driving offences, and although they are different to claiming exceptional hardship, they can help you to avoid disqualification and fines despite the fact that you will still be found guilty of the offence. For example, if your drink was spiked and this led to you being arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol, then you could still be charged and found guilty of drink driving, but the court may determine that you should be allowed to keep your licence.

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Speeding is the most common driving offence, and depending on how much you were speeding by, as well as any other circumstances surrounding the alleged offence, it can carry penalties ranging from three points and a £60 fine to a disqualification for dangerous driving. While most speeding cases are dealt with by way of a Fixed Penalty Notice, it is your prerogative to ignore the FPN and go to court, and in cases where the addition of three points is not an option or because you are accused of speeding excessively, it may be necessary for the case to go to court anyway.

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Taxi Offences

Taxis, in their various guises, are licensed vehicles, and there are strict laws that govern the ways in which these vehicles can be used, and in which they must be maintained and kept. For example, if you do not have a valid taxi permit, but are found to have taken payment from passengers in your vehicle, then you could face prosecution. Illegally touting for business will usually only carry a financial penalty, but it also means that insurance policies may be invalidated, and this means that the CPS may choose to prosecute you for driving without a valid insurance policy; something which carries the potential of a significant fine, penalty points on your licence, and even the possibility of being disqualified from driving.

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Totting Up

Current laws dictate that if you amass 12 penalty points on your licence over a period of three years, then you should be subjected to an automatic disqualification. This disqualification can last for a period of six months up to several years, depending on whether you have been disqualified before and, if so, how long ago it occurred. Despite the fact that penalty points only accumulate for three years, and can be removed from your licence after four years, insurance companies can ask for details of offences committed over the past five years.

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