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Part Worn Tyres? Don’t Buy Them, Say Experts

Research by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has shown how drivers who buy part work tyres are risking their safety and a whopping fine if caught.

Many drivers think buying part worn tyres are a great money saving exercise, with on tin 5 admitting the practice and 10% stating they would do it again.

However, what these drivers need to realise is they are facing a potential £2,500 fine and 6 penalty points as 62% of those polled did not now the legal limit for tyre tread and the risk of buying tyres close to or beyond that point.

A survey by the AA showed how 40% of drivers were unaware that new tyres have 8mm of tread depth and second hand tyres can be sold with as little as 2mm. That leaves these second hand tyres with merely 0.4mm of tread before they need to be legally changed.

The AA also found that 21% of drivers thought all second have tyres sold in the UK needed to comply with legal requirements, but 98% of those sale do not. They can be unsafe for a number of reasons other than shallow tread. For the average driver, spotting internal defects, bulges and poor puncture repairs are extremely difficult.

A third of drivers declared how they thought part worn tyres were better value than new ones and a further 7% believed they were just as safe as new ones.

James Fairclough of the AA said: “It’s clear that a number of prevailing myths about part-worns continue to underpin their sales.

“The safety case for buying new instead of used tyres is well-documented but it’s important that drivers understand the argument that part-worns offer better value for money is a fallacy, too.

“Second-hand tyres might be cheaper, but the tread left on these tyres is typically less, meaning you’ll be looking for more replacements in no time at all. It’s also worth considering that a large proportion of the second-hand stock in the UK fails to meet the minimum legal safety standards.

“It’s often hard to discern whether tyres are up to scratch, so a few simple checks can put your mind at ease – like the ‘20p test’.

“This helps to establish at a glance the depth of tread left on the tyres as the tread should be above the outer band of the coin when a 20p piece is inserted between the treads of the tyre.

“If you see any bumps or bulges in the sidewall of the tyre, it’s important that you don’t drive the car as these tyres aren’t roadworthy and can be very dangerous. Check your car’s tyres regularly and keep them properly inflated to make them as safe as possible.”

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