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Speeding Is The Most Detected Motoring Offence

It has been reported how 84% of all detected motoring offences is speeding.

In 2018/2019 some 2.39 million motorists were caught speeding, which ws a 4% increase on the year before.

And working out some more figures, if everyone received a fixed penalty notice and paid the £100 fine, it would equate to £239,000,000 paid by the UK motorist. That’s a lot of revenue going somewhere.

The vast majority (97%) of those drivers caught were done so by speed camera.

RAC Foundation director Steve Gooding said: “The simple rule for drivers who don’t want to risk ending up with a speeding ticket is not to break the limit in the first place.

“Where limits are properly signposted and clearly feel right for the road in question, motorists have no excuse for going faster.

“But that means highway authorities also have a responsibility to make sure the limits they set are appropriate and to avoid instances where the limit repeatedly bounces up and down along a single stretch.”

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