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Worrying Trend Of Drivers Admitting To Drink Driving

It always seems the bad news stories for drink driving come from the UK, however, other European counties also have their issues.

A survey taken in Spain has shown a worrying trend for drink driving. Around 14% of those drivers surveyed admitted to regularly driving whilst over the drink driving limit.

The survey conducted was European wide and showed a similar trend taking place in Switzerland, Italy, France and Austria.

It should be noted how Spain has a much lower drink driving limit than the UK.

15 countries took part in the survey and on average some 43.6% of drivers admitted to driving after at least some alcohol in their system. The highest figure was from France with 54% of drivers surveyed admitted to driving after taking some alcohol.

France also topped the figures for those drivers who take some alcohol before driving on a regular basis at 32.9%. This can be compared with 27.5% with the UK.

Despite Pan-European drink driving campaigns the figures who show the message is not getting through. The survey also showed how those drivers who admitted to having a drink before driving, were mainly concerned about the consequences of being caught rather than the effect drink could have on their driving abilities.

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