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You Need To Be Aware Of These Proposed Motoring Law Changes For 2020

Nothing screams Happy New Year like than more laws for the motorist but here are some of the proposed laws you need to be aware of for the coming year.

Clean Air Zones

Historically, London has been the only city in the UK with a clean air zone, charging drivers go high polluting cars £12.50 per day. However, plans are afoot to bring similar clean air zones into other cities around the UK. It has been reported how Birmingham and Leeds are planning to roll out strict clean air zones around specified locations, forcing drivers to pay up to £50 per day to travel through them.

Low emission legislation is tipped to be rolled out towards the end of 2020, with Manchester and Newcastle vying to lower their carbon footprints. Bristol has reported how it intends to ban diesel cars entirely in certain areas by 2021.


As we get ever closer to breaking away from Europe, drivers need to be aware that, in the event of a no deal brexit, they will need to obtain a special international driving licence before settling off abroad.

It has also been suggested how motorists may need an insurance green card to drive abroad.

Mobile Phone Use

Following a landmark case last year where a driver escaped prosecution for using a mobile phone behind the wheel, the government are looking to tighten up on the law in this area.

The driver’s defence had been he was to using the mobile phone for the purpose of interactive communication, as the current law describes. Reports are how this loophole will be closed by spring of 2020.

Motorway Driving Lessons

Learner drivers have always been kept off motorways, however, proposed changes will allow them access as long as they are with a driving instructor and the car has dual controls.

This means driving instructor can offer motorway lessons as part of their services, however, there are no current plans to make motorway driving part of the practical test.

New Drivers

With 20% of new drivers (under 2 years passed) being reported as having a collision, tougher safeguards are being proposed. Northen Ireland has recently run a pilot scheme for graduated licences and night time curfews which has proved a success. Rumours are that such a system will be introduced for the rest of the UK, including a restriction on the number of passengers a newly qualified driver is allowed to carry.

Pavement Parking

Currently, London is the only area where there is a total ban on pavement parking. However, the Transport Committee has called for a blanket ban on the practice owing to its negative consequences and the issues it causes those with physical and visual impairments.

Chair of the Transport Committee, Lilian Greenwood, said: “In the long-term, we believe the Government should ban pavement parking across England—as is already the case in London.

“Local authorities could create exemptions if they choose to do so, but drivers would know that unless it was expressly permitted it was illegal to park their car on the pavement.”

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